What is Responsible Tourism

Responsible tourism is an approach to the management of tourism aimed at maximising benefits (economic, social and environmental) and minimizing costs to destinations. Simply put, Responsible Tourism is a tourism that “creates better places for people to live in, and better places to visit”, a phrase coined in Cape Town in 2002 and now widely used around the world.

Cape Town Green Map 2nd print edition released

The newest print version of Cape Town Green Map gives a fresh view of the Mother City, reminding visitors and residents to enjoy and use their environment in a sustainable way. It is a resource brimming with information on ways in which to live, work and play in order to reduce our impact on the fragile ecosystems within the city. You can download it in pdf format here. It helps residents and visitors to Cape Town find sites of interest whether it’s a nature reserve, local organic market, green accommodation, where to eat organic, or which recycling drop-off site is […]

Green Goal pavilion at Cape Town Fan Fest

The Green Goal pavilion is up and it looks like nothing you have ever seen before. The exterior is clad in a matrix of 1,450 multicoloured plastic milk crates containing 17,400 empty milk bottles, all tied to a scaffolding frame. Low energy lighting illuminates the crates from the behind, turning it into a glowing ‘jewel box’ by night. A ‘forest’ of bamboo flags wave in the wind, announcing the Green Goal 2010 exhibition from afar. This photo taken whilst still under construction. Local references to indigenous plants, Fynbos smells, colours and quiet spaces, subtly entice visitors to connect with the […]

The 2010 FIFA World Cup™

The 2010 FIFA World Cup™ has come and gone, and Host City Cape Town was among the favourite destinations of fans from around the world. Whilst the focus locally was on getting the logistics in place – and then having a great time and enjoying the experience – few people realise that the environmental impacts caused by a major event such as this are wide-ranging. Host City Cape Town has learned from the Green Goal programme initiated by Germany as hosts of the 2006 FIFA World Cup(TM), and developed the 2010 Green Goal Programme thereby setting a precedent for future […]

Safe Sex campaign launched by Cape Town Tourism

The City of Cape Town and its major stakeholders recognise that a critical area for achieving a successful World Cup™ for both visitors and citizens alike is responsible tourism. In this light Cape Town Tourism, the City of Cape Town, the Provincial Department of Health and the South African Business Coalition on HIV/ AIDS (SABCOHA) have partnered to distribute condoms in the hospitality sector during the FIFA World Cup™ period. The condoms will be branded with messaging around how they are used and, as one of the world’s most representative tourism membership associations with more than 2 300 members, Cape […]