Responsible Tourism Week 2011 – Join the fun!

FALL IN LOVE WITH RESPONSIBLE TOURISM The dates are set for the 2011 Responsible Tourism Week. This unconventional, online unconference begins Valentine’s Day (February 14) and continues through February 18. RT Week is a fun mash-up exploring down-to-earth applications of noble concepts including responsible tourism, the local travel movement and ecotourism with practical and inexpensive Web 2.0 technologies. Anyone can participate by joining the conversation, either online or with local friends, neighbours and colleagues. All it takes is to reach out and engage in conversations about responsible tourism — even better if you reach out to someone new. Ideas for […]

The origins of responsible tourism

A concise piece about the origins of responsible tourism was recently posted by leading Responsible Tourism academic, Professor Harold Goodwin. He cites The Cape Town Declaration in terms of a formal definition, but gives much credit for conceptual development to Jost Krippendorf in his book, The Holiday Makers.  For those keen to understand Responsible Tourism, it’s a book well worth a read (as is Goodwin’s post).

Pioneering the responsibility-centred organisation in Cape Town

Responsible tourism places a great emphasis on responsibility as a central principle that shapes the decisions and actions of companies, organisations and individual travellers. But the importance of responsibility has a broader relevance beyond tourism, as has been written about by influential thinkers such as management guru, Peter Drucker, among others. Some refer to the increase in social entrepreneurship and the blending of traditional government, private and social sectors into new types of organisations across economies and societies – what has occasionally been dubbed the ‘fourth sector‘.  One pioneer in building such an organisation is Cape Town’s Noel de Villiers, […]

Cycle-friendly Cape Town becoming a reality

Dedicated cycle paths have been installed in a number of key streets in the centre of Cape Town over the past several months, and as the City’s new MyCiTi bus rapid transit system is being rolled out, those in the inner city will be connected to numerous outlying suburbs. Dedicated cycling (and/or jogging, rollerblading, skateboarding, etc.) paths have been constructed alongside the bus lanes, and these 3m wide, smooth paved cycleways are now open for use along 16km of the northern route (the Blaauwberg/Atlantis Corridor) running to Milnerton and along the R27 as far as Blouberg. The cycleways are completely […]

Harold Goodwin discusses Responsible Tourism in 2011

Head of the International Centre for Responsible Tourism (ICRT) and RT guru, Prof Harold Goodwin, spoke to Ron Mader, editor of, the international journal for eco-tourism, about what Responsible Tourism is and what the ICRT does. Goodwin was a driving force in drafting the Cape Town Declaration in 2002. The ICRT also has a South African affiliate, ICRT-SA, active in a range of projects across the country and in the southern African region