What the new Consumer Protection Act means for a responsible industry

South Africa’s new Consumer Protection Act (CPA) introduces major changes in the rights and obligations of consumers and businesses in every economic sector, not just tourism. One of the effects will be to help the tourism industry to be more responsible in its business practices by knowing clearly what is expected and required under the law – a common minimum standard of consumer-oriented service and business practice. The following analysis of the CPA was drafted by Cape Town Tourism, and has been taken from the industry news section of their website, posted on 31 May 2011: A recent tourism seminar […]

City of Cape Town running RT workshops for tourism businesses

The Tourism Department of the City of Cape Town is running a second series of Responsible Tourism workshops for tourism businesses. The intention is to equip tourism businesses with the knowledge, practical skills and tools pertaining to the application and implementation of responsible tourism in their businesses. The workshops will include real life case studies that share the true benefits of responsible business practice, and provide the tools that will help tourism businesses to make small changes that have big impacts. Tourism businesses will learn more about Cape Town’s ‘Responsible Tourism Charter’ and hear about the latest developments in our […]