Responsible Tourism in Cape Town: How-to Guide released

Several years ago, Cape Town began a journey to become a responsible tourism destination. In an understanding that responsible tourism would be government-led and private sector-driven, the City set about creating the right environment for responsible tourism. The City took the first steps taken by including responsible tourism in its Tourism Development Framework, creating the Responsible Tourism Policy and Action Plan, identifying the Cape Town’s responsible tourism priorities and together with Cape Town’s major tourism partners, decided on a direction for responsible tourism in Cape Town. Despite the gains, there’s still a lot of work to be done before we […]

Benefits of Responsible Tourism

The aims of Cape Town’s seven responsible tourism priority areas is to improve the social fabric of the area and still maintain its standard as a world-class tourism destination. There are many benefits of this approach for Cape Town, the tourism industry, individual tourism businesses, tourists and Capetonians. Here are some of the main benefits: Operational advantage Creating better working environments results in happier, more loyal staff who, in turn, tend to be more effective at their day-to-day jobs and contribute to the creation of a better overall visitor experience. These quality employment opportunities, likewise, create a stronger base for local economic […]

Apply to participate in the Cape Town Responsible Tourism Challenge

Tourism businesses that have been flirting with the idea of adopting responsible tourism operations but haven’t managed to do so yet now have an added incentive – the City of Cape Town is offering to help five accommodation establishments make the change. If you’re a tourism business owner, we understand why you may not have made the switch to responsible tourism yet. You might be convinced that responsible tourism is good for your business (read more about the benefits of responsible tourism here) but the pressures of running your business means that you haven’t had the time to do anything […]