How SA is becoming a global leader in eco-tourism

According to Traveller24, Ra-ees Moerat, South Africa is prioritising the green economy as a sector for economic growth to hopefully verify the country as more than just a pleasant place to visit. The South African government has committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 34% in 2020 and 42% by 2025. “Investment into the green economy is also seen as key to helping the country achieve its greenhouse gas emission reduction targets. The Western Cape specifically has adopted the “Green is Smart” roadmap with the aim of positioning the Western Cape as the green economic hub on the African continent,” […]

Applications for the 2016 Energy Efficiency Forum Awards now open

Applications for the 2016 Energy Efficiency Forum Awards are now open and close on 13 September. The Energy Efficiency Forum Awards aims to commend excellence in energy efficiency in in Cape Town, in recognition of the great lengths businesses have gone to to improve the energy efficiency of their commercial buildings and operations, which helps to improve energy security and affordability and lower Cape Town’s carbon footprint. The Energy Efficiency Forum partners aim to recognise those achievers who are leading in this sector, and to encourage businesses to continue reducing their energy consumption. Applications are judged on their implementation of significant energy efficiency interventions, including […]

Making responsible tourism a team challenge

Team work is dream work The Lodge at Atlantic Beach has an established management and staff team. Chantal Steward has been managing it now for almost ten years, and the most recent addition to the staff has been working at the lodge for four years. This is an enviable position for a tourism business to be in as there’s none of the high staff turnover characteristic of tourism businesses. After many years on the job, staff know the ins-and-outs of their jobs, work efficiently and are more aware of issues in the business. Many of these issues become a team […]

Making Community Cape Town stronger

A few months ago we spoke about why employees are so important to a tourism business’ success, and also why it’s important that your employees are happy at work. Some of you might have rolled your eyes and said “Duh! It’s so obvious”. This month we’re going to continue with the theme of happiness but suggest something that’s less obvious – that happy communities contribute to a tourism business’ success. Discontent in Khayelitsha, for example, can very well affect a B&B elsewhere in Cape Town, in Constantia for example. Repeated service delivery protests make a dent in Cape Town’s destination […]

Upcycling to make your business better

Guests ask: do you recycle?  Most tourism business owners in Cape Town have some level of awareness of the need to operate sustainably. The City of Cape Town sends regular messages encouraging residents and businesses to save water and electricity, and also provides information on how they can do this. The upshot of this is that many tourism businesses have the easy wins in place – most accommodation establishments are at least partially fitted with energy efficient lighting and are starting to think of resource efficiency when appliances need replacing. However, there’s less of an awareness of the need to […]

New city website for better disposal of waste

The City of Cape Town has a new web portal giving residents and businesses information on convenient recycling options based on their location. The website aims to make responsible waste management easier by providing information on: whether the City will collect recyclable waste from your address as part of Think Twice – the City-sponsored kerbside recyclable collection programme the location of the closest recyclables drop-off site or buy-back centre details of recycling collectors in their area The website is map-based, and you can either use your address or find your location on the map to determine if your area is serviced by Think Twice. If you are not in […]

Congratulations to the 4 intrepid CTRT Challenge participants

Most tourism businesses likely have a niggling awareness that they could do more for the planet and local people.  But what to do, and where to start? How much effort and money will it take? And how to fit greening and caring into the long list of daily tasks of a small business?  To provide answers to these, and a multitude of other questions is precisely why the City of Cape Town’s Tourism Department is working with four tourism businesses in the Cape Town Responsible Tourism Challenge.  The small accommodation establishments will be guided to implement sustainable operating practices over a […]

Cape Town bags top city award

Cape Town was named # 1 in the category ‘Top Cities in Africa and the Middle East’ in the Travel + Leisure 2016 World’s Best Awards, at a presentation ceremony held in New York last night (6 July 2016). Read more below: The Mother City continues to pull out all the stops, flash her beauty and appeal to domestic and international visitors,  gathering awards around the globe for her magnificent beauty and tourist offerings. Most recently, the 2015/2016 Telegraph Travel Awards chose Cape Town as the Best City in the World for the fourth year running, knocking-out Vancouver and Venice, […]

Monthly themes during 2016/17

Each month during 2016 and until March 2017, we will be focusing on a specific theme in our blog posts and in social media. Industry and association partners are welcome to submit any material relevant to the theme to us for inclusion. This material could be news of your upcoming events, initiatives, successes and achievements in RT. The material could either be sent as a press release or in any other format, including images and video links. The themes are: Jul 2016: Building communitiesAug 2016: Reducing and managing wasteSep 2016: Accessibility in tourismOct 2016: Using energy efficientlyNov 2016: Cape Town’s commitment to […]