Shark safety tips for beachgoers

During spring and summer, sharks become more active inshore, and beach and ocean users need to take an extra measure of care to stay safe.  Shark sightings start in late August and continue through to April, and the most sightings are reported in mid-summer. Sharks are very common in the areas between Sunrise and Macassar Beach, and surfers are asked to especially vigilant there.  ‘Together with our partner, the Shark Spotters, we will do everything in our power to enhance the safety of beach goers and ocean users over this period. We also urge members of the public to play their part, to be proactive, and […]

Safely disposing of hazardous waste

Moonglow Guest House is in the fortunate position to be located in an area of Cape Town where kerbside recycling collection is offered by the City. Many households and businesses in these areas, Moonglow included, are therefore very familiar with what types of waste can be recycled – most types of plastic, paper, tin and glass among them. Disposing of hazardous waste However, many people still have little or no awareness of what special disposal methods some types of non-recyclable waste need, and all too often harmful (and even hazardous) waste gets thrown directly into the bin. The team at […]

Zero waste to landfill – can we do it?

If you’re reading this blog, there is a good chance that you have heard of the “3 R’s” before. In fact, it would probably be quite difficult these days to find someone who hasn’t… “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.” It’s quite a catchy little slogan, isn’t it? And a simple guide to better waste management.  But don’t you sometimes wonder if this well-known battle cry of the eco warrior might be glossing over something? Does the fact that it’s easy to remember bewitch us into thinking that as long as we remember those 3 little R’s, our environmental woes will disappear? Can […]

Ensuring safety for both guests and residents

Turning Point Guest House is owner-managed by husband and wife team, Doris and Isaac Manini. Doris is a former fashion designer and has an eye for detail and an exuberant personality. She takes the lead when it comes to making the inside of the lodge attractive and welcoming, and to seeing to guests’ needs. Scoring responsible tourism point by growing your own food Isaac is no less friendly but he’s an outdoors person and the garden is his domain. It’s his loving work that produces the herbs that flavour the meals Doris prepares for guests. This scores a few points […]