The costs of Level 3 water tariffs on your business

Like many of Cape Town’s accommodation establishments, B.I.G Backpackers in Green Point is housed on a property that was once residential, but has since, within the City of Cape Town’s land use policy, been repurposed for business. We’re not going to talk here about zoning and the land use of properties. Instead we’re going to talk about how B.I.G Backpackers is being charged for water and sanitation and how the Level 3 water restriction tariffs that are going to come into effect on 1 December 2016 will affect the cost of business. B.I.G Backpackers is on the City of Cape […]

Common responsible tourism issues & their solutions

On 18 July the four businesses participating in the Cape Town Responsible Tourism Challenge met at the Cape Town Tourism head office for a workshop to discuss common issues facing all the businesses. By this point we’d gone on a site visit to each of the businesses, interviewed each manager and used the information gathered to create a responsible tourism scorecard – simply put a list of what each business was doing well and where there was room for improvement. At the time of the workshop, all of the businesses were already practicing responsible tourism in some way, even though […]

Safely disposing of hazardous waste

Moonglow Guest House is in the fortunate position to be located in an area of Cape Town where kerbside recycling collection is offered by the City. Many households and businesses in these areas, Moonglow included, are therefore very familiar with what types of waste can be recycled – most types of plastic, paper, tin and glass among them. Disposing of hazardous waste However, many people still have little or no awareness of what special disposal methods some types of non-recyclable waste need, and all too often harmful (and even hazardous) waste gets thrown directly into the bin. The team at […]

Ensuring safety for both guests and residents

Turning Point Guest House is owner-managed by husband and wife team, Doris and Isaac Manini. Doris is a former fashion designer and has an eye for detail and an exuberant personality. She takes the lead when it comes to making the inside of the lodge attractive and welcoming, and to seeing to guests’ needs. Scoring responsible tourism point by growing your own food Isaac is no less friendly but he’s an outdoors person and the garden is his domain. It’s his loving work that produces the herbs that flavour the meals Doris prepares for guests. This scores a few points […]

Making responsible tourism a team challenge

Team work is dream work The Lodge at Atlantic Beach has an established management and staff team. Chantal Steward has been managing it now for almost ten years, and the most recent addition to the staff has been working at the lodge for four years. This is an enviable position for a tourism business to be in as there’s none of the high staff turnover characteristic of tourism businesses. After many years on the job, staff know the ins-and-outs of their jobs, work efficiently and are more aware of issues in the business. Many of these issues become a team […]

Upcycling to make your business better

Guests ask: do you recycle?  Most tourism business owners in Cape Town have some level of awareness of the need to operate sustainably. The City of Cape Town sends regular messages encouraging residents and businesses to save water and electricity, and also provides information on how they can do this. The upshot of this is that many tourism businesses have the easy wins in place – most accommodation establishments are at least partially fitted with energy efficient lighting and are starting to think of resource efficiency when appliances need replacing. However, there’s less of an awareness of the need to […]

Congratulations to the 4 intrepid CTRT Challenge participants

Most tourism businesses likely have a niggling awareness that they could do more for the planet and local people.  But what to do, and where to start? How much effort and money will it take? And how to fit greening and caring into the long list of daily tasks of a small business?  To provide answers to these, and a multitude of other questions is precisely why the City of Cape Town’s Tourism Department is working with four tourism businesses in the Cape Town Responsible Tourism Challenge.  The small accommodation establishments will be guided to implement sustainable operating practices over a […]