Safely disposing of hazardous waste

Moonglow Guest House is in the fortunate position to be located in an area of Cape Town where kerbside recycling collection is offered by the City. Many households and businesses in these areas, Moonglow included, are therefore very familiar with what types of waste can be recycled – most types of plastic, paper, tin and glass among them. Disposing of hazardous waste However, many people still have little or no awareness of what special disposal methods some types of non-recyclable waste need, and all too often harmful (and even hazardous) waste gets thrown directly into the bin. The team at […]

Ensuring safety for both guests and residents

Turning Point Guest House is owner-managed by husband and wife team, Doris and Isaac Manini. Doris is a former fashion designer and has an eye for detail and an exuberant personality. She takes the lead when it comes to making the inside of the lodge attractive and welcoming, and to seeing to guests’ needs. Scoring responsible tourism point by growing your own food Isaac is no less friendly but he’s an outdoors person and the garden is his domain. It’s his loving work that produces the herbs that flavour the meals Doris prepares for guests. This scores a few points […]

Making Community Cape Town stronger

A few months ago we spoke about why employees are so important to a tourism business’ success, and also why it’s important that your employees are happy at work. Some of you might have rolled your eyes and said “Duh! It’s so obvious”. This month we’re going to continue with the theme of happiness but suggest something that’s less obvious – that happy communities contribute to a tourism business’ success. Discontent in Khayelitsha, for example, can very well affect a B&B elsewhere in Cape Town, in Constantia for example. Repeated service delivery protests make a dent in Cape Town’s destination […]

Ons Plek girls escaped their normal routine as they spent Mandela Day as tourists in their own city!

Mandela Day, 18 July, is an extraordinary day for many all over the world. On this day, people are encouraged to dedicate 67 minutes for a noble cause. This year was no exception for the City of Cape Town. The City’s Tourism, Events and Economic Development officials initiated and coordinated a half day tour for a group of 36 girls, including 4 carers from Ons Plek, Cape Town and Siviwe in Woodstock. The tour entailed a tour of the city on the popular Red Bus with a pit stop at Table Mountain Arial Cable Way, the Cape Peninsula, and Green […]

SEED’s “Mushrooms for Mitchells Plain” Crowdfunding Campaign #Mushrooms4MitchellsPlain

SEED issued the following communication on the 9 October 2014. Dear Friends and Family of the SEED Web, We are extremely excitement to announce that we have JUST launched our crowdfunding campaign Mushrooms for Mitchells Plain through the Cape Town based online Crowdfunding Café, Thundafund. The launch is part of our ongoing efforts to best manifest SEED’s vision in becoming a self-reliant organisation, but we need your help in realising this… NOW! The campaign is in support of SEED’s first community enterprise, the Gourmet Mushroom Enterprise, and aims to raise R 53,000 for the creation and development of a SEED backyard mushroom growing incubation space in which we test models, […]

Table Mountain Aerial Cableway and the Responsible Tourism Pilot Projects/Initiatives 2012

Congratulations to the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway on the submission of RT monitoring, profile and policy statements as a participant of the RT Pilot Project. A globally recognised icon, Table Mountain is an outstanding natural wonder that represents the gateway to Africa and evokes awe in all who experience its majesty.  As a tourist destination it is a beacon which attracts a steady stream of over 750 000 of both local and international visitors to its summit per year to experience sweeping vistas and an extraordinarily beautiful natural environment. Framed by this context, the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway Co. Ltd […]

Peninsula All-Suite Hotel and Responsible Tourism Pilot

  Congratulations to the Peninsula All Suites Hotel with continued monitoring, reporting and RT initiatives. Energy Efficiency Lighting We recently did a sample suite replacing the existing light bulbs with LED light bulbs measuring the light levels and checking for ambiance.  In November 2012 all the existing light bulbs in the suites, public areas, corridors, offices and back of house areas will be replaced with LED light bulbs.  After extensive testing and consultation, each area will be replaced with the LED light bulb that best suits that particular area.  This will further offset our carbon footprint as well as achieving […]

Backpack and the Responsible Tourism Pilot Project: Projects/Initiatives 2012

Congratulations to the Backpack on the submission of monitoring as a participant of the RT Pilot Project. The Backpack is an accredited Fair Trade tourism business that invests in people and communities, giving meaningful and relaxed travel experiences.  As a traveller, your choices matter: to people and communities, species and ecosystems, and to the climate as a whole. And the choices that travellers make influence the behaviour of the millions of businesses that make up the tourism industry, arguably the largest industry in the world. ” As the saying goes ‘life is all about choices’, and making a difference through […]