Good kitchen practices for keeping the heat down

MFK Fisher, one of America’s first food writers, said “First we eat, then we do everything else’. We can’t deny that not only is food the fuel that all people need to survive, good food puts us in a good mood, and as Virginia Woolf said, ‘One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.’ We certainly don’t fully enjoy our travels if we don’t enjoy the food we eat on our travels. Exploring local cuisine has become an important part of travelling, almost as important as the scenery and the attractions. What’s great is […]

Ensuring safety for both guests and residents

Turning Point Guest House is owner-managed by husband and wife team, Doris and Isaac Manini. Doris is a former fashion designer and has an eye for detail and an exuberant personality. She takes the lead when it comes to making the inside of the lodge attractive and welcoming, and to seeing to guests’ needs. Scoring responsible tourism point by growing your own food Isaac is no less friendly but he’s an outdoors person and the garden is his domain. It’s his loving work that produces the herbs that flavour the meals Doris prepares for guests. This scores a few points […]

SEED’s “Mushrooms for Mitchells Plain” Crowdfunding Campaign #Mushrooms4MitchellsPlain

SEED issued the following communication on the 9 October 2014. Dear Friends and Family of the SEED Web, We are extremely excitement to announce that we have JUST launched our crowdfunding campaign Mushrooms for Mitchells Plain through the Cape Town based online Crowdfunding Café, Thundafund. The launch is part of our ongoing efforts to best manifest SEED’s vision in becoming a self-reliant organisation, but we need your help in realising this… NOW! The campaign is in support of SEED’s first community enterprise, the Gourmet Mushroom Enterprise, and aims to raise R 53,000 for the creation and development of a SEED backyard mushroom growing incubation space in which we test models, […]