Safely disposing of hazardous waste

Moonglow Guest House is in the fortunate position to be located in an area of Cape Town where kerbside recycling collection is offered by the City. Many households and businesses in these areas, Moonglow included, are therefore very familiar with what types of waste can be recycled – most types of plastic, paper, tin and glass among them. Disposing of hazardous waste However, many people still have little or no awareness of what special disposal methods some types of non-recyclable waste need, and all too often harmful (and even hazardous) waste gets thrown directly into the bin. The team at […]

Zero waste to landfill – can we do it?

If you’re reading this blog, there is a good chance that you have heard of the “3 R’s” before. In fact, it would probably be quite difficult these days to find someone who hasn’t… “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.” It’s quite a catchy little slogan, isn’t it? And a simple guide to better waste management.  But don’t you sometimes wonder if this well-known battle cry of the eco warrior might be glossing over something? Does the fact that it’s easy to remember bewitch us into thinking that as long as we remember those 3 little R’s, our environmental woes will disappear? Can […]

Upcycling to make your business better

Guests ask: do you recycle?  Most tourism business owners in Cape Town have some level of awareness of the need to operate sustainably. The City of Cape Town sends regular messages encouraging residents and businesses to save water and electricity, and also provides information on how they can do this. The upshot of this is that many tourism businesses have the easy wins in place – most accommodation establishments are at least partially fitted with energy efficient lighting and are starting to think of resource efficiency when appliances need replacing. However, there’s less of an awareness of the need to […]

New city website for better disposal of waste

The City of Cape Town has a new web portal giving residents and businesses information on convenient recycling options based on their location. The website aims to make responsible waste management easier by providing information on: whether the City will collect recyclable waste from your address as part of Think Twice – the City-sponsored kerbside recyclable collection programme the location of the closest recyclables drop-off site or buy-back centre details of recycling collectors in their area The website is map-based, and you can either use your address or find your location on the map to determine if your area is serviced by Think Twice. If you are not in […]

City hosts Waste to Art Market

This summer the City of Cape Town: Solid Waste Management Department is hosting a ‘Waste to Art’ market at the Company’s Garden to show how one person’s waste can become another’s art. The market will run from 09:00 – 18:00 daily, from 1 to 16 December 2012, and all residents and visitors are welcome to attend – free of charge. The market is ideal for environmentally friendly festive season shopping. The ‘Waste to Art’ Market is also an educational experience which seeks to create awareness about waste minimisation. It showcases the importance and the role of the public in assisting […]

Table Mountain Aerial Cableway and the Responsible Tourism Pilot Projects/Initiatives 2012

Congratulations to the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway on the submission of RT monitoring, profile and policy statements as a participant of the RT Pilot Project. A globally recognised icon, Table Mountain is an outstanding natural wonder that represents the gateway to Africa and evokes awe in all who experience its majesty.  As a tourist destination it is a beacon which attracts a steady stream of over 750 000 of both local and international visitors to its summit per year to experience sweeping vistas and an extraordinarily beautiful natural environment. Framed by this context, the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway Co. Ltd […]