Applications for the 2016 Energy Efficiency Forum Awards now open

Applications for the 2016 Energy Efficiency Forum Awards are now open and close on 13 September. The Energy Efficiency Forum Awards aims to commend excellence in energy efficiency in in Cape Town, in recognition of the great lengths businesses have gone to to improve the energy efficiency of their commercial buildings and operations, which helps to improve energy security and affordability and lower Cape Town’s carbon footprint. The Energy Efficiency Forum partners aim to recognise those achievers who are leading in this sector, and to encourage businesses to continue reducing their energy consumption. Applications are judged on their implementation of significant energy efficiency interventions, including […]

Making Community Cape Town stronger

A few months ago we spoke about why employees are so important to a tourism business’ success, and also why it’s important that your employees are happy at work. Some of you might have rolled your eyes and said “Duh! It’s so obvious”. This month we’re going to continue with the theme of happiness but suggest something that’s less obvious – that happy communities contribute to a tourism business’ success. Discontent in Khayelitsha, for example, can very well affect a B&B elsewhere in Cape Town, in Constantia for example. Repeated service delivery protests make a dent in Cape Town’s destination […]

Congratulations to the 4 intrepid CTRT Challenge participants

Most tourism businesses likely have a niggling awareness that they could do more for the planet and local people.  But what to do, and where to start? How much effort and money will it take? And how to fit greening and caring into the long list of daily tasks of a small business?  To provide answers to these, and a multitude of other questions is precisely why the City of Cape Town’s Tourism Department is working with four tourism businesses in the Cape Town Responsible Tourism Challenge.  The small accommodation establishments will be guided to implement sustainable operating practices over a […]

City of Cape Town to host ‘indaba’ on Sustainable Tourism and Energy

The City of Cape Town will again host its popular Tourism Cities @ Indaba Seminar in Durban on 12 May 2013, coinciding with Indaba 2013. Nombulelo Mkefa, Director of Tourism, says “The Tourism Cities @ Indaba Seminar is a forum for South African and international tourism practitioners to interact and share information, experiences and best practices on responsible tourism in urban areas. It is also a showcase of Cape Town, South Africa and Africa as leaders in Responsible Tourism.“ The theme this year is “Sustainable Energy & Tourism ”. Fitting then that Deidre Shurland, coordinator of the United Nations Environmental Programme […]

Well done to Coffeebeans Routes – Participant in the RT Pilot Project

The following article about Coffeebeans Route, who is one of the RT Pilot Participants, was published by Todd Pitock in The New York Times on 28 November 2012. BEBE ROSE, a Cameroonian who owns Bebe’s restaurant in Cape Town, stood with her arms folded and peered down with one brow raised as she scanned the plates of unfinished food spread out before me.  “What’s the matter?” she asked. “You don’t like my food?”                                  I did like her food. There were stews of kidney beans and okra, meat and starches. It was true that one item, the tripe, pushed my […]

Cape Town working towards a Carbon Neutral future

The City of Cape Town has taken another step towards the fostering of green energy and reducing Cape Town’s carbon footprint. The Mayoral Committee has recommended to Council that it establishes an Energy & Climate Change Committee at its Council meeting on Thursday 26 April. This committee will ensure that Cape Town’s energy plan reduces the City’s carbon footprint according to set targets and timelines with the goal of making the city carbon neutral. This will be achieved through the promotion of green energies, as well as improvements in Cape Town’s energy efficiency relating to industrial, commercial and domestic consumption of […]

City of Cape Town turns off the lights in support of Earth Hour 2012

The City of Cape Town will be switching off the lights on Table Mountain and in its own buildings for one hour in support of the World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF) Earth Hour 2012, which takes place on Saturday 31 March from 20:30 to 21:30 (local time). “The City will join hundreds of millions of people, businesses and governments from around the world in support of this initiative – the largest environmental event in history, and we are asking our residents to do the same,” says Alderman Belinda Walker, Mayoral Committee Member for Economic, Environmental & Spatial Planning. More than 5 […]

Energy Efficiency marketplace to help local companies

Cape Town’s Energy Efficiency Forum is putting on an energy efficiency marketplace on Thursday 10 November 2011 to help owners and managers of commercial and public buildings – including hotels and guesthouses, meeting venues, restaurants and others in the tourism and hospitality sector – learn about and see for themselves various products, technologies and services that can help them reduce their electricity usage and save money. Meet the service providers, see the products in use, compare brands and companies, and ask your questions at no cost and no obligation. It’s a practical way to take the next step in energy […]

Inspiring Change – Cape Town to help African cities become more sustainable destinations

Inspiring Change: A gathering on climate change challenges & solutions for African cities is a two-day gathering (18 & 19 November 2011) on topics specific to Climate Change challenges and solutions in African cities, hosted in Cape Town by the Cape Town Climate Change Coalition. With COP17/CMP7 hosted in Durban during November and December 2011, climate change issues will be in the global spotlight. While Climate Change solutions are central to South Africa’s environmental policy and a key trend globally, there remains plenty of space for an increased focus on the needs and challenges faced by cities to become more resilient. […]

Responsible Tourism Pilot Project – Why Should Your Tourism Business Participate

INVITATION AND INFORMATION FOR TOURISM ENTERPRISES TO PARTICIPATE IN A RESPONSIBLE TOURISM PILOT PROJECT FROM 2011 TO 2013 Dear Tourism Business Owner The City of Cape Town (CoCT) in collaboration with Tourism Partners/Associations (CTTourism, FEDHASA, SATSA and SAACI) invites YOU to participate in a unique Responsible Tourism Pilot project, which will commence in 2011 for a duration of two years. In 2009, the CoCT together with the key tourism industry stakeholders prepared and adopted the Responsible Tourism Policy and Action Plan. As part of the prescribed programme, the Responsible Tourism Charter was signed and included a landmark agreement between the City and the Tourism Partners/Associations. That same year, Cape Town won the accolade of Best Destination in the Virgin Holidays […]