Making responsible tourism a team challenge

Team work is dream work The Lodge at Atlantic Beach has an established management and staff team. Chantal Steward has been managing it now for almost ten years, and the most recent addition to the staff has been working at the lodge for four years. This is an enviable position for a tourism business to be in as there’s none of the high staff turnover characteristic of tourism businesses. After many years on the job, staff know the ins-and-outs of their jobs, work efficiently and are more aware of issues in the business. Many of these issues become a team […]

How to make your staff and business shine

Sir Richard Branson knows it and so should you. Responsible businesses recognise and live by the motto “your employees are your greatest assets”.  In tourism, taking care of your staff is even more important because well-trained staff is the bedrock of good service and happy customers, including the South African Tourism industry. Why are good staff so important in tourism? Here are some of the best reasons why employees are important to your tourism business:   Your employees are part of the South African tourism offering. How many times have you heard a tourist say “The tour guide on my tour […]

Table Mountain Aerial Cableway and the Responsible Tourism Pilot Projects/Initiatives 2012

Congratulations to the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway on the submission of RT monitoring, profile and policy statements as a participant of the RT Pilot Project. A globally recognised icon, Table Mountain is an outstanding natural wonder that represents the gateway to Africa and evokes awe in all who experience its majesty.  As a tourist destination it is a beacon which attracts a steady stream of over 750 000 of both local and international visitors to its summit per year to experience sweeping vistas and an extraordinarily beautiful natural environment. Framed by this context, the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway Co. Ltd […]