Backpack and the Responsible Tourism Pilot Project: Projects/Initiatives 2012

Congratulations to the Backpack on the submission of monitoring as a participant of the RT Pilot Project.

The Backpack is an accredited Fair Trade tourism business that invests in people and communities, giving meaningful and relaxed travel experiences.  As a traveller, your choices matter: to people and communities, species and ecosystems, and to the climate as a whole. And the choices that travellers make influence the behaviour of the millions of businesses that make up the tourism industry, arguably the largest industry in the world. ”

As the saying goes ‘life is all about choices’, and making a difference through good business practice is at the heart of how we operate at The Backpack.  We promote a strong value system and work with every member of our team to instill the importance of honesty, trust, integrity, respect, service, good health, recognition, upliftment and responsibility.

Our philosophy is that by doing one small thing, its ripple effect will lead to bigger change. In fact, corporate social responsibility is not an optional add on, it is part of our core business practice and has helped us to accomplish incredible things.  In 2000 we built a crèche in Khayelitsha and started a knitting programme to make blankets for sick children.

Since 2010 alone our guests have generously donated R55000.00 – and collectively by March 2011 we had generated over R350000.00 of independent funding that has gone towards helping others.

We have invested in a Value Program whereby all the staff were involved in the process of selecting 8 values by which they work; Honesty, Trust, Integrity, Responsibility, Health, Recognition, Service and Upliftment.  This is an ongoing program, with workshops in literacy, health and social welfare. Upliftment and training are essential to our success.

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