Call for 2011 funding applications – Verde Ventures Fund

The Verde Ventures Fund (VVF) at Conservation International is inviting applications from Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME’s) in the following four key sectors for consideration for investment: Africa; Coffee and Cocoa; Fisheries; and Clean Energy.

VVF utilises a “blended capital” approach of technical assistance and loans and has successfully invested over $15 million in a range of SME’s in Central and South America, Africa, and Madagascar and serves markets as diverse as coffee, tourism, fisheries, and clean energy.

VVF was originally founded on the belief that social entrepreneurship, a key component of any green economy, holds incredible potential to eradicate poverty by creating wealth. Building on their 10 year track record, and their extensive experience in priority geographies, VVF builds green economies by supporting the development of sustainable supply chains and by leveraging responsible capital to secure ecosystem health and integrity.

Source: ICRT Responsible Travel News Issue 4, 28 February 2011