Caring for tourists in the Western Cape

It’s not a nice position to be in – in a foreign place and in distress. Tourists who have been a victim of crime or have been hurt in an accident, are often in shock, are bewildered and vulnerable. They don’t know what to do and don’t know who to turn to.

The Western Cape Ministry of Economic Opportunities has a plan to help tourists in distress – the Tourism Safety and Support Programme, aimed at providing help and care for tourists who have been victim of a crime or a serious motor vehicle accident during their stay in the Western Cape.

The Tourism Safety and Support Programme aims to provide practical and emotional support for tourists in need, to be available round-the-clock. The support the programmes offers includes:

  • Helping tourists suffering from medical or emotional trauma get medical attention, and getting them to a hospital if needed
  • Helping tourists in need find short-term, temporary accommodation
  • Helping tourists with basic necessities, where possible
  • Helping tourists contact family and friends
  • Facilitating counselling
  • Helping arrange short-term transport
  • Helping to arrange transportation (airline, car hire, tour operators, etc)
  • Contacting embassies in case of lost passports

The programme does not:

  • provide financial assistance
  • replace lost items
  • provide medical attention
  • compensate for loss
  • offer legal advice

Contact details for the TSSP

Here are the contact details of the TSSP representatives that you or tourists can call when they assistance:

  • Neo Mocumi: Cape Town, Overberg, Wineland and West Coast, 082 554 2010
  • Cynthia Makweya: Cape Town, Overberg, Winelands and West Coast, 072 447 1504
  • Ilze Jacobs: Southern Cape and Karoo, 082 972 2507

Telling others about the TSSP

Most of the time, it’s not you – it’s your staff – that have to handle issues guests may be facing. If you’re an accommodation establishment, please let staff know that this facility exists and give them these contact details so that they know who to call if a guest is in need of help. They can also email the TSSP on, but off course calling will be immediate.