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Grosvenor Tours designs and implements exceptional incentive programs, events and private luxury travel that combine the uplifting and inspiring elements of the tourism industry with cultural experiences that not only informs visitors about the realities of South Africa, but also allows them to interact in a beneficial and lasting way. Grosvenor Tours sources locally made and environmentally friendly guest gifts, includes local artists, crafters and food in guest experiences, involves guests in community based projects and raises donations and funding to help out with critical needs of communities visited. Guests return to their home countries with better insights and knowing that their visits have changed someone’s life for the better.

An internal skills development programme that has seen employees rising through the ranks from workshop floors to client facing posts, and wise and conscious use of paper and management of waste created in the business, help keep Grosvenor Tours’ own house in order. While thinking deeply about these issues is clearly part of the company’s ethos, CEO Peter-John Mitrovich believes that putting thought into action is the ultimate way of leading the change to a better future.