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Driven by a deep sense of responsible stewardship for protecting Cape Town’s natural and cultural heritage, Ocean View House embarked on a journey of awareness, education and action to become a responsible business in 2011. As signatory to the Cape Town Responsible Tourism Charter, management and staff are committed to actively support the protection of the natural, social and economic environments in which the guesthouse operates. Solar water heating and heat pumps, recycling and composting, sourcing of local and organic products, indigenous planting, support for cultural experiences and staff training on responsible tourism are all in a day’s work for the team.

Ocean View House set about their programme in a systematic way defining our actions and targets. Key indicators, such as electricity usage, water usage, procurement, skills development and waste generated and recycled, re measured and reported on a quarterly.

Katrin Ludik, General Manager says “you will be surprised at the many things that can be done to conserve resources. Being mindful of the waste we produce and how we can easily reduce it by simply being more aware. It has been rewarding to know that we have a consciousness now of reducing waste and contributing to conservation. It is a new way of thinking. We are happy that we have made this investment, the rewards of which are material. But perhaps more than that is the knowledge that we are doing the right thing and that we are doing our bit towards making our world a better place.”

Ocean View House is not shy to talk openly about its commitment to responsible tourism – visit their webpage to learn more about what they do.