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What should tourists know about #50litres and #dayzero?

But what can tourists coming to Cape Town expect now that #dayzero is likely. Wesgro has released the following information asking tourists to come and enjoy Cape Town and the Western Cape, but be mindful of the drought

#87litres in the day of a tourist discovery

If you’re going to set a date to challenge six people to make their way around to some of Cape Town’s tourist attractions and save water, try not to make it the hottest day in summer yet.  But, the participants of our #87litres in the day of a tourist discovery were […]


#Savelikealocal posters available

A large print run of the new ‘Save Like a Local’ #savelikealocal tourism campaign posters and leaflets have arrived. Hospitality-related businesses can come to collect them from the Comms Dept on the 3rd Floor of Tower Block at the Civic Center in central Cape Town (1 Hertzog Boulevard). They can collect […]

Water-saving shower-heads for small tourism establishments

On 13 December 2017, Wesgro will be kicking-off their distribution of 1 800 low-flow shower-heads as part of its campaign to help smaller tourism establishments save water during the worst drought in living memory. Last month, Wesgro, the Western Cape Government, CapeNature and Airbnb announced that it would distribute a […]

Follow the #87litres winners on 6 December

A couple of weeks ago, we ran a #87litres twitter competition with our friends at Better Tourism Africa @RespTourismSA and Cape Town Pass @CapeTownPass.  To our delight, there were some pretty cool responses from all over South Africa, summarised here.  @FTTourism, @DiBrown5 and @CCHotel grabbed the three top spots. Check out their […]

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Resources to help your tourism business better manage water

Water scarcity has become a business risk, and your tourism business has to adapt. Apart from the tips, resources and practical solutions we have on our website, we’re finding so many resources online that can help your tourism business manage it’s water better. We’ve started a list of resources you can […]

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Water restrictions escalate as water crisis continues

The City of Cape Town has released a critical warning to all water users in Cape Town to cut all non-essential use of water immediately. This means that water should be used only for drinking, washing and cooking.  As water consumption continues to exceed the City’s target and current dam levels are […]

Bold action from the tourism industry to #savewater

In December we wrote a piece about how Level 3 water tariffs would affect tourism businesses. We were feeling like Cassandra, a character from Greek mythology who was gifted with the power of prophecy but cursed that no one should believe her since the piece attracted no comments.  But we imagine that […]

Peninsula’s holding tanks for sanitation system saves water

After being awarded the most energy efficient retrofit building in Cape Town in 2014, The Peninsula All-Suite Hotel continues to be greener than ever, by partaking in yet another sustainability initiative. Their latest project focuses on lowering water consumption through the capturing of ground water in holding tanks on the […]