Responsible Tourism in Cape Town: How-to Guide released

Several years ago, Cape Town began a journey to become a responsible tourism destination. In an understanding that responsible tourism would be government-led and private sector-driven, the City set about creating the right environment for responsible tourism. The City took the first steps taken by including responsible tourism in its […]

Benefits of Responsible Tourism

The aims of Cape Town’s seven responsible tourism priority areas is to improve the social fabric of the area and still maintain its standard as a world-class tourism destination. There are many benefits of this approach for Cape Town, the tourism industry, individual tourism businesses, tourists and Capetonians. Here are some of […]

Apply to be a WTM Responsible Tourism Supporter

The 2015 WTM World Responsible Tourism Day (WRTD) will be held on the 4th November at WTM in London. If your organization is involved in responsible tourism, we encourage you to apply to be a WTM Responsible Tourism Supporter and champion this day of promoting tourism that makes better places […]

How to use RT to help your company’s bottom line

UPDATE: 9 February 2012 – Event fully booked. No additional space available. Presentations will be posted to Slideshare as soon as possible, and tweets live from the event will use the #rtweek2012 hashtag. Stay tuned to or follow @respCPT for updates. [hr] Cape Town’s tourism industry has been through challenging times […]

Responsible Tourism Week 2012: 13-19 February

Responsible Tourism Week is a free, seven-day unconference exploring down-to-earth applications of noble concepts including responsible tourism, conscious travel, the local travel movement and ecotourism with effective and inexpensive social media and local events. This unconventional, online ‘unconference’ begins on Monday, 13 February and continues through Sunday, 19 February. Anyone can participate by joining the conversation, either online or with local […]

Responsible Tourism Seminar 14 July 2011

Cape Town Routes Unlimited in partnership with The Green Cab and Tourism Enterprise Partnership are hosting a seminar on how to “become a relevant tourism business partner (tour operator/guesthouses) in promoting responsible tourism in our destination.” Venue: CTRU Boardroom, 12th Floor Waldorf Building, St George’s Mall, Cape Town Date: Thursday […]

City of Cape Town running RT workshops for tourism businesses

The Tourism Department of the City of Cape Town is running a second series of Responsible Tourism workshops for tourism businesses. The intention is to equip tourism businesses with the knowledge, practical skills and tools pertaining to the application and implementation of responsible tourism in their businesses. The workshops will […]

The origins of responsible tourism

A concise piece about the origins of responsible tourism was recently posted by leading Responsible Tourism academic, Professor Harold Goodwin. He cites The Cape Town Declaration in terms of a formal definition, but gives much credit for conceptual development to Jost Krippendorf in his book, The Holiday Makers.  For those […]

What is Responsible Tourism

Responsible tourism is an approach to the management of tourism aimed at maximising benefits (economic, social and environmental) and minimizing costs to destinations. Simply put, Responsible Tourism is a tourism that “creates better places for people to live in, and better places to visit”, a phrase coined in Cape Town […]