About the Cape Town Responsible Tourism Challenge


We know that responsible tourism is good for business. We also know that tourism businesses, particularly small tourism businesses find it difficult to change the way they operate, even if they are convinced that the change will be good. Many tourism businesses are daunted even though want to operate in a sustainable way. Some don’t know where to start and many need practical advice.

What is the Cape Town Responsible Tourism Challenge?

In the Cape Town Responsible Tourism Challenge, we’ll be helping four small accommodation establishments apply responsible business practices. Over a six month period the businesses will be evaluated, helped to develop a sustainability plan and trained to implement the changes needed. Along the way, we’ll also introduce new technologies to support the change, and at all stages we will measure the results of the changes made – particularly the rands and cents saved.

What are we hoping to get out of the challenge?

In the end, we’re hoping that by introducing the right actions and technologies, tourism business owners will begin to realise that there’s value in responsible tourism and begin to do more to ensure that their businesses operate sustainably and thrive.

How can the Cape Town Responsible Challenge help you?

As a tourism business owner in Cape Town, there are likely to be many similarities between your business and the businesses participating in the Cape Town Responsible Tourism Challenge.

By following the challenge participant’s responsible tourism journey, you can learn about the ways to measure your business’s current performance and become more resource efficient, and find out about the practices and tools that can assist you on the road to becoming more sustainable. Also, since both the evaluations and the sustainability plans will be based on Cape Town’s eight priorities for Responsible Tourism, you’ll know that what all recommendations made to the participating businesses are relevant to Cape Town.

How to follow the participants’ journeys?

Find out more about the participants, and then follow each participant’s journey in the challenge blog, on Facebook and Twitter (@respCPT and #CTRTChallenge).