Turning Point Guest House


Turning Point Guest House in Kuils River is not only quaint and cosy, but it also has lots of heart. With room names like Peace, Love, Trust, and Truth, you know to expect more than just a good night’s sleep. Owners, Doris and Isaac Manini, have opened their home to visitors who want a multicultural experience in Cape Town and with many repeat guests since they started trading in 2013, their warm hospitality is proving to be a success. Aptly, the guest house’s slogan is “Where Cultures Meet”.

Since Turning Point is located relatively close to the airport, many of its guests spend their last nights in Cape Town at the guest house before departing on outbound flights.

Turning Point has been three star graded by the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa, and improvements are still being made to make it even more attractive to international visitors. The guesthouse has also recently been selected as one of the successful recipients of Cape Town Tourism’s Board Development Fund, through which Doris and Isaac’s desire to constantly improve will be getting plenty of business development support and input.

Turning Point on the web

Web: www.tpguesthouse.co.za
Facebook: Turning Point Guesthouse

The Journey

  • Overview of Turning Point Guest House

    03, June, 2016

    Turning point, guest house, responsible tourismThe property
    Suburban, landscaped 

    Turning point, guest house, responsible tourismAccommodation
    4 rooms each with a heater, fan and TV
    Sleeps up to 10 guests

    Turning point, guest house, responsible tourismJacuzzi
    Accommodates 8 people

    Turning point, guest house, responsible tourismMeals
    Breakfast included, other meals on request

     Turning point, guest house, responsible tourismLaundry
    Done by the business on the premises

    Turning point, guest house, responsible tourism

    2 employees

  • Meet Doris and Isaac

    28, June, 2016


    Between Doris and Isaac, a guest is guaranteed to be entertained at Turning Point. Doris, a former fashion designer, certainly has the gregarious personality to make any guest feel welcome. “I am a mixture of many cultures”, she says, and so she opened Turning Point as a place where people of different cultures could meet.

    Isaac joined Doris later in the business and, as any couple working together in a tourism business can appreciate, they’ve agreed that in the interest of domestic peace, there is now a clear division of responsibilities. Perhaps this picture tells you how 🙂


  • Doris and Isaac's hopes for the Challenge

    28, June, 2016

    Doris and Isaac’s enthusiasm for their business translates into an equivalent passion for their city and the success of its tourism industry. They want to share the beautiful diversity of Cape Town with visitors and, through participating in the Challenge, be part of taking the Mother City to even greater heights in responsible tourism implementation.


    08, July, 2016

    Here is a summary of the responsible practices that the turning point guest house were involved at the start of the challenge. 

    turning point guest house, responsible tourismSaving water

    • Some taps are fitted with aerators that limit the volume of water flow.
    • Some showers have low-flow shower heads.
    • Some toilets are fitted with flow / volume restricting technology.
    • Some of the appliances are waterwise.
    • Water leaks and drips are reported immediately for repair.
    • The garden is watered only before 10:00 and after 16:00, and each area is watered for less than 20 minutes. 
    • Grey water from the jacuzzi is used in the garden and to wash cars.
    • The garden has indigenous and waterwise plants.

    turning point guest house, responsible tourism Using energy efficiently

    • Some of the lighting is energy efficient.
    • There are extra blankets in guest rooms for guests to use in colder months.
    • Some of the outdoor lights have either day/night sensors or motion sensors.
    • Geysers have timers to ensure that there is hot water at peak use times.
    • In some spaces, the number of lights is kept to a minimum.
    • Appliances and lights are turned off when not in use, and in vacant rooms.
    • Laundry is air-dried.
    • Shopping trips and errands are planned so that the number of trips taken overall is reduced.

    Reducing_managing_wasteReducing and managing waste

    • Reusable cloth shopping bags are used instead of plastic bags.
    • Guest amenities are provided in refillable containers.
    • Cleaning material is bought in bulk, reducing packaging waste.
    • Old newspapers are dropped off at a recycling point.
    • Meals are made to order and buffets are planned for the number of guests in order to reduce food waste.

    turning point guest house, responsible tourismBuilding communities

    • The business is a member of the neighbourhood watch and participates in the watch’s WhatsApp group.

    turning point guest house, responsible tourismDeveloping skills

    • All new staff are given induction training.

    turning point guest house, responsible tourismOperations and management

    • The business has a guestbook for guest feedback and they get additional comments from various online booking platforms.