Inspiring #womenintourism

In recognition of Women’s Month 2017, we ran a feature on inspirational women in tourism, and particularly those that are doing good work in responsible tourism. We got some lovely responses that we shared in a blog post and in social media. 

Then we thought that this feature need not be a once-off thing, and the invitation to #womenintourism to be included in our ongoing feature is always open. 

To be included, please take few minutes to answer any three of the following questions?

  • What excites you about being part of the tourism sector?
  • What is the one characteristic of the tourism sector you want to change?
  • What has been your biggest “wow” moment or achievement?
  • Which women in the tourism industry have been your role models? And why? 
  • What are the three most important characteristics a woman should have to thrive in the tourism sector?
  • What is the one piece of advice you would give to young women entering or working in the tourism sector?

It would also be nice if you sent us your favourite picture of yourself and your Twitter handle. You can send your info to