Peninsula’s holding tanks for sanitation system saves water

After being awarded the most energy efficient retrofit building in Cape Town in 2014, The Peninsula All-Suite Hotel continues to be greener than ever, by partaking in yet another sustainability initiative.

Their latest project focuses on lowering water consumption through the capturing of ground water in holding tanks on the hotel’s roof, facilitated by The Peninsula’s unique rooftop pumping system, which is then used for sanitation purposes.

Peninsula Hotel, rooftop water tanks

“At The Peninsula, groundwater is channeled from rainwater and surrounding mountains, into underground streams beneath the hotel’s parking area. We have taken advantage of this unique positioning by creating borehole pumps that suck the water into a holding tank, which is then pumped to the 1500 litre tanks on the roof,” explains Chris Godenir, General Manager at The Peninsula All-Suite Hotel.

Peninsula Hotel, ground water capture system

In the first three months that the installation was operational the hotel decreased water consumption by 6%, even with a 10% increase in hotel bookings. If the hotel is able to sustain the daily supply of water required for the flushing of toilets they will decrease their current water consumption by +/-20%, saving on a valuable resource.

“Our objective is to always minimize any impact we may have on the environment and even though the initial installation of the groundwater tanks was an expensive undertaking, the saving on the water bill will pay back the investment in as little as two years. At The Peninsula, we are passionate about caring for the environment and through this initiative we hope to encourage others to follow a green conscious and responsible lifestyle,” adds Chris Godenir.

Ideally situated on Cape Town’s platinum mile, The Peninsula, with its matchless style and subtle elegance, is the ultimate in Cape hospitality. Furthermore, the hotel is managed as a professional and environmentally conscious business, acknowledging and mitigating the impact that its operations may have on the environment.

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