Responsible Tourism in Cape Town: How-to Guide

This Responsible Tourism in Cape Town: How-to Guide shares information on how the tourism industry can participate in helping to make Cape Town and its tourism facilities, services and products more responsible. It is also important to ensure that our tourism sector keeps pace with international trends in responsible business practice  and gains market advantage in doing so.

It is designed to be a straightforward first guide to implementing responsible tourism, with further helpful information on responsible tourism principles and terms.

Download the full guide here (27Mb).

Download the first part here (6Mb). This part includes the following sections: 

  • Who should use this guide?
  • How to use this guide
  • Context & background
  • What is responsible tourism?
  • Cape Town’s seven responsible tourism priority areas
    • Economic principles
    • Environmental principles
    • Social principles
  • Benefits of responsible tourism
    • Operational advantage
    • Market demand

Download the second part here (15Mb). The second part includes the following sections:

  • Responsible tourism in action
    • Buying responsibly
    • Supporting enterprise development
    • Conserving water
    • Using energy efficiently
    • Reducing & managing waste
    • Developing skills
    • Building communities
    • Universal access

Download the third part here (5Mb). The third part includes the following sections:

  • Walking your own journey
  • Communicating your responsible tourism journey
    • What to tell
    • How to communicate

10 thoughts on “Responsible Tourism in Cape Town: How-to Guide

  1. I have a small business making Costume Jewellery from home.
    I would like to sell my items but do not know how to go about it. Kindly assist.

  2. Ker & Downey Africa recently launched a sister company called Jumbari Family Safaris, We are only contracting and sell properties that are committed to responsible tourism practice including sustainability, community involvement and conservation. How can I work closely with your company as our branding and company promise fit in perfectly with your company as well?

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