Responsible Tourism Products

Your travel choices make a difference! By choosing socially and environmentally responsible accommodation, tour operators, activities, transport and places to eat, you can ensure that your trip contributes to conservation efforts and the well-being of communities.

And, you’ll discover that because these tourism operators put you in touch with nature, bring you closer to the people, cultures and creativity of the places you visit, and serve food that simply tastes better, travelling responsibly makes for excellent experiences.

Many tourism businesses claim to be “green” or “eco-friendly” – but how can you know that they are really environmentally and socially responsible?

Many hotels, tour operators, and other businesses have proven their commitment to sustainability by participating in a sustainable certification program. This means that they have been audited by an independent, third-party program and have met a vigorous set of environmental, social, and economic criteria. Others have not undergone an external assessment, but already go the extra mile for the local people and the environment, and are willing to let travellers see exactly which responsible practices they can expect at a business.

Next time you’re planning to travel, take a look at the directories below to find products that will help you make a difference.

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