Table Mountain Aerial Cableway and the Responsible Tourism Pilot Projects/Initiatives 2012

Congratulations to the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway on the submission of RT monitoring, profile and policy statements as a participant of the RT Pilot Project.

A globally recognised icon, Table Mountain is an outstanding natural wonder that represents the gateway to Africa and evokes awe in all who experience its majesty.  As a tourist destination it is a beacon which attracts a steady stream of over 750 000 of both local and international visitors to its summit per year to experience sweeping vistas and an extraordinarily beautiful natural environment.

Framed by this context, the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway Co. Ltd has operated as a leading tourism operator for 82 years.  In doing so, the company is ever mindful that it acts as a custodian of what amounts to one of the world’s true natural wonders.  Operating within a World Heritage Site and the Table Mountain National Park which feature the delicate endemic diversity of the Cape Floristic Region, the TMACC is fully committed to balancing its core business of high volumes of visitors with the sensitive nature of the biosphere within which it is located. 

Overall Resource Management

The management of resources in an environmentally sensitive area poses a range of challenges to the TMACC. Given the location (1068m above sea level), the maxim ‘what goes up must come down’ is particularly apt in this situation.  This logistical framework and climatic conditions have brought about the development of an Environmental Management System that makes use of leading edge technology and innovative engineering.

The TMACC operates its Table Mountain facilities and venues with efficient water efficient ablution facilities and biodegradable cups and plates.  All waste is brought down from the mountain and recycled where applicable.

Social Development

As a people-oriented company, the Cableway recognizes the value of corporate social responsibility and makes a contribution in various ways.  Toward this end, the Cableway supports over 60 underprivileged and non-profit organisations by way of a day out up Table Mountain or as tickets, which may be raffled to raise funds for a good cause.

In addition to this, the TMACC’s Class in the Clouds programme draws almost 20 000 learners per annum, 80% of whom are from previously disadvantaged communities.  The programme offers schoolchildren the opportunity to learn more about the diverse flora and fauna of the Cape Floristic Kingdom and experience Table Mountain at reduced, and sometimes free, rates.  Class in the Clouds is part of the annual educational excursion programme for a number of schools and has seen more than 220 000 learners take part since its inception in 2001.

Skills Development 

A key component of the TMACC’s approach is to assist its employees in achieving their potential. This is realised through on-the-job- training, ensuring that all employees are trained to perform in their current jobs, as well as training staff to be multi-skilled. This prepares employees for positions such as Multi-skilled Stewards, who are able to work across a minimum of two jobs and be remunerated accordingly.  In addition to this, our line managers identify skills that require off-the-job training.  The company ensures that it has sufficient budget to support this kind of training.

Employees on learnerships have increased from two to ten in the past year, with these focusing on project management skills. The Cableway is also embarking on a Recognition of Prior Learning process in order to have the skills and experience of its artisans, who have been with the company for many years, formally recognised.  The TMACC also offers bursaries to its entire staff, with 11 employees receiving bursaries over the past two years creating opportunities for employees to apply for degrees, diplomas or short courses not strictly related to their current job.

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