Waterwise tourism still needed despite Day Zero being avoided

Due to sustained and heavy rains over the last two months, Cape Town’s dams have collectively increased by over 20 percentage points. There is now more water currently in the dam system, mid-way through winter, than there was at the end of last year’s winter-rainfall period in October.

With several months left in the winter rainfall calendar, it is now clear that Cape Town will continue to have enough water for its residents and visitors. Travellers are invited to come and enjoy, but still be mindful of waterwise tourism during their stay and continue to treat water as a precious resource.

The City of Cape Town has taken a number of ground-breaking actions during the drought to help build a resilient city. These efforts are increasingly internationally recognised. Indeed, there is a strong plan to develop alternative water-supplies, which will make our city and region even more water-secure in the future.

Cape Town’s residents have also set a new global standard for water consumption. The City has reduced its usage of water by nearly 60% in just three years. This is a phenomenal achievement, unmatched by any other major city in the world. 

Together with the significant rainfall being experienced, Cape Town’s dams are filling up, and fast. 

Cape Town and the Western Cape are open for business, with our beautiful, world-class experiences waiting for visitors from around the world to enjoy.

To find out more, visit: www.waterwesterncape.com